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Getting Started 

  1. Read everything.
  2. Cut cards out.
  3. Separate by color.
  4. Use a scoring system for five points per player. 

It's a Stampede!

Size up the competition and crush them or evade unnoticed. Each card represents a creature and its size. Divide the creatures amongst both players according to color. To play a round, each player privately selects a creature and reveals their decision simultaneously (action), then resolves the action. Continue playing rounds until a player wins.


  • A creature who is one size larger than its opponent survives and tramples their opponent.
  • Creatures of the same size collide and both perish.
  • Creatures with a difference of more than one size both survive, with the smallest evading unnoticed.


  • Creatures that survive return to their owner's hand while the defeated are set aside.
  • Whenever a creature tramples another or evades unnoticed, its owner earns one victory point.

The first player to 5 victory points wins, or the first to run out of creatures to play loses.

Optional Rules (Add one or more to your liking)

  • If both players play the same creature and its postage value is the same as a player’s total victory points, then that player instantly loses.
  • Smaller creatures winning a round by evasion earn a player two points instead of one.
  • Alternative evasion rule: Only creatures immediately smaller than their opponent can evade, and even smaller creatures are trampled.

Created by Rusty Riedel & Andrew Apfel.

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Install instructions

Designed to be printed on a 4x6 inch postcard at 300dpi.


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Solid party game, creative use of jam rules.